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WA48H7400AW/A2 - Only fills and drains in a loop

I have a Samsung washing machine that will fill and drain, fill and drain, but never anything else. It never moves on to the different parts of the cycle.

I found this link very helpful:

WA48H7400AW/A2 not spinning during wash mode

I was able to get into the diagnostic modes and found the same code stored twice: E82

That points toward a MEMS sensor - which from what I've gathered has to with the vibration sensor. I'm guessing this has nothing to do with the cycles not going forward.

I also ran the quick tests:

  1. All water valves work, pumps work, lock works
  2. Spin mode goes all the way to 999RPM before shutting down
  3. 'Board Input' mode seems to show all the appropriate inputs
  4. I couldn't get the 'fast time down' test to work. I gather this, once you start a load, should move between the cycles more quickly than the standard program would do. Once I started the load, put in service mode, then pressed 'Temp.' it would beep but do nothing.

What other troubleshooting can I do to determine what could be going on?

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Don't know the machine but if you keep getting the same error code I would follow that until you prove it isn't the problem.

At least check the wiring from the sub pcb (connector P52) to the mems sensor at both ends. See p.19 of the service manual you linked.

As you say an mems error is the vibration or out of balance sensor.

If the sensor indicates that it thinks that the machine is out of balance I don't think that it will continue with the cycle. As to why is loops between fill and drain idk

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Thanks much! I'll check. Do you know if there is a way to test the accelerometer to see if it's bad? I did a bit of searching and it looks like it needs to have voltage applied to it in order to test.



By accelerometer do you mean the hall sensor?

If so you will need to have power applied to the washer but the voltage on the sensor is very low i.e. 0.6V DC. - see p.16 of the manual

This is not to say that there isn't also 120V AC floating around on the control board so be safety aware


@jayeff I think hall sensors generally are used to sense rotation of a magnetic field - used in washers to count the RPM of the motor/drum. This sensor, I imagine, is more like the motion sensor in your phone that tells it which way is up. In the washer its used to tell if the drum is out of balance.



I couldn't find it mentioned in the manual but it's late here (or late for me anyway) so I may have missed it.

Did you try the "quick spin test" as described in the manual?


Yes - spins up to 999RPM when empty and 600+ when full of wet clothes. Thanks for your help - always appreciate folks who get me one step up the DIY rungs. :-)


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