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Sharp - AQUOS 42" 1080p LCD HDTV

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Sharp LC-70LE836E , power ok, sound ok but Green and Blue box display

LC-70LE836E powers on, sound works but display shows a green box in bottom 2/3rds and on top a blue box on the left and darker green box on the right. Anybody ever seen this? I was gonna start by replacing the mainboard but I'm having trouble finding one. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Davey Gravey this is an unusual error for a main board but it is possible. This "but I'm having trouble finding one." is a pretty good indication, that this particular TV has main board issues. The reason for you not finding is, could be that others needed those as well and bought whatever they could. Then there is a possibility that the manufacturer just stopped building them, because of design errors etc. There are places that may repair your main board instead of replacing it. Take some good pictures of the main board and post those with your QUESTION as well.

It is possible that this is not a main board fault but actually a panel issue. However, there is no information about the panel available. See if you can get a replacement main board relatively inexpensive and that you can return it, if this does not resolve the issue.

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thanks for the response much appreciated. Would you be of the opinion this is a panel issue?

Yeah cant find a mainboard anywhere, would love to repair it myself but alas I think it may have to go in for repairs, something I really dont want to do as it will probably cost more than what its worth now.


@Davey Gravey the way the Squares are displayed would be difficult to be accomplished by the main board, unless it is the memory IC''s on the board that have failed. I hate to say yes, it is the panel. I would at least try to get a main board before calling it quits


do you think it could be the tcon board? I saw a video recently where somebody simply reseated the tcon chip and solved his issue, not the same exact model but the same series.


I have not seen that the T-con board could create this kind of pattern. I am not saying it's not possible but it's highly unlikely. It looks more like memory issues which would be main board related.


i know its not the typical pattern you might see with a tcon or mainboard issue, my first thought was that the panel was gone, but sure theres nothing wrong with hoping for the best :)


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