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HP's high performance compact desktop PC with full desktop features. Model number : 600-a014.

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Can I upgrade GPU here?

Hello there,
this unit comes either with no GPU, the R9 M380 or R9 M470.
I know that last 2 are quite same and require like 45W.

But those are from 2015/2016, so quite aged.
Since we know power usage/tdp, cooling, connection type and form factor, would there be any newer version, either by AMD or Nvidia? With similar or may more VRAM?
Would be great if there is any mobile gpu with less than 45w around from like 2020 or so which can get placed into this beauty, even its bit painful work due chassis design.
This is not about gaming, more about video editing and general compatibility.

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Hi @toddk80

If the PC is a Wave 600-a014, then according to the specifications it has integrated graphics i.e. GPU integrated with CPU, no separate GPU non-removable or otherwise.

There are two ways that you may be able to upgrade the GPU.

  • Find a LGA1151 CPU which has better integrated graphics and that will work with the H170 chipset
  • Insert an external GPU card into one of the two types of M.2 sockets available on the board. (they are the only type of expansion slots on the board) via an adapter (example only)

You can also upgrade the memory to 16GB (PC4-17000, DDR4-2133) which should help.

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Hi @jayeff,

first of all, thanks for the super quick reply on my question here.

I need to admit, the exact model code is different here.

For the Pavillion Wave there exist quite a few different ones, mostly due regions/markets. I thought it will be no problem just putting in my case here, even it doesnt match the model code 100%.

Lets say i have one of those here:




So it should be like pretty similar as to this here:

25:20 mark around

Even I think the a300 as in Video didnt made it into europe market, the a0xx and a1xx units with graphic card should look same.





I think that the choice of GPU would still be limited to what the H170 chipset on the motherboard supports.

FYI here are the specs for the 3 models you quoted:




They don't specify the type of socket that the GPU plugs into on the motherboard so that makes it another consideration to take into account.

I did find this info regarding the H170 chipset which may help as it describes what PCIe is available to the GPU.

"The H170 locks the CPU's PCI-E 3.0 lanes to a single PCI-E x16 slot, which limits multi GPU configurations to x16/x4. This chipset also loses overclocking support, four HSIO lanes and two USB 3.0 lanes compared to Z170. These reductions have little effect on the system, however, as there are still 22 HSIO lanes available. There are also eight USB 3.0 ports, which should be sufficient for most users."


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