Car starts but dies a minute later

Manual 07 Legacy. Turn the key. Car starts fine the first time. But, as soon as I put my foot on the gas. RPMs go up then drop all the way back down. Engine shuts off then turn the key again. Car starts up then RPMs drop right back down. Brand new Spark Plugs and Sensors.

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Uric Hunt, Do you have access to an error code reader? If you do, try reading out the codes it has. If not, I’d suggest finding a local garage that has one, and ask them to read errors, as this will greatly help in diagnosing further. Many local garages read off errors for a small fee, some even for free.


I have seen similar behavior in a different vehicle... in that case it was the fuel filter not letting enough fuel through to keep up with the engine's requirements. Check for error codes, or if in America most chain auto parts stores will check codes for free if you don't have a reader. This should help narrow down what it could be. Perhaps hooking up fuel pressure gauge and watching it to see what it does.


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