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Samsung UE55ES6300 double, discoloured image

Block Image

Block Image

I have this 55” Samsung tv and randomly started having this issue. I have tried replacing the t-con board but didn’t work. Also if I check the ribbon cables and check which side of the panels the issue may come from it is on both sides of the panel.

I have the tv open so can get more images. Can anyone help?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

These are the the pcb boards

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@bananabread04 errors like those are commonly caused by either the main board or the LCD panel itself. Since the schematics for the panel are not available, I suggest you try a new main board. Check the LCD driver boards (boards connected to the panel by very thine ribbon cables) see if you can find any obvious damaged parts

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The lcd driver boards all look fine, no obvious damage. Is the main board the one which has the power cable plugged into it or where all the input devices are?

Would a picture of pcbs help you as well?


@bananabread04 Pictures will always be helpful. The main board is the one with all the input connections.


I have added edit of all the pcb boards, what could be wrong on the main board


@bananabread04 the most common cause would be the video processor and circuitry


@oldturkey03 so I left the screen last night and have just turned it on. The backlight is on but the image is gone, I’m getting no image at all.


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