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The GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro is a is a multi-platform controller equipped with patented anti-drift Hall effect joysticks. It was released in Q1, 2022.

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What size PIN Battery

What is the size of the PIN Battery?

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Not sure what you mean by PIN battery but the battery in the controller is a 3.7V 1000mAH capacity battery.

The physical dimensions are 8.0mm height (or depth) x 30mm width x 40mm length

Here's an image from the ifixit GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Battery Replacement guide that shows the specifications

Block Image

(click on image)

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Where to buy this battery? any link?


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@christolomia The key to these lithium ion batteries is that six digit number, in this case 803040. Those are actually the dimensions of the battery; this one is 8.0 mm thick, 30 mm wide and 40 mm long. Searching with the term "803040 lithium ion battery" will get you several sources for that particular battery; the main thing you'll need to pay attention to is the kind of connector it comes with. Here's one that sounds like it may work. AKZYTUE 3.7V 1000mAh 803040 Lipo Battery Rechargeable Lithium Polymer ion Battery with JST Connector : Health & Household

You may find other batteries that are compatible except for the connector; if that's the case you would need to change out the connector that comes with the battery for the one on your existing cell.

Note that you can always use a smaller size battery; of course that will reduce the mAh rating so you won't get as much life out of each charge, but otherwise it will work fine. I assume you wouldn't be able to use a larger battery due to physical limitations on the space the battery occupies.

Hopefully that'll get you going; let us know how it all works out for you!

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