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Smartphone by Orbic, released in November of 2018.

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it wont turn on but its not the charger or the port

My orbic wonder is days old. It won't charge. The block and the charger are brand new. What could be the issue?

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Katherine Juckett if it is just days old, have you checked on any warranty you can use to replace it? Have you checked your charging cable?


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Hi Katherine,

Despite the fact that your phone, charger and cord are brand new, that doesn't mean one of them didn't slip through quality control and you ended up with a bad part. First thing to do is to verify, not assume, that the charger and the cord work, preferably by swapping them out with ones that are known to work, or checking to make sure they work with another device that takes the same charger.

Once we know those two parts are working, then we can take a look at what else might be the issue. For example, you'll want to make sure you didn't get some lint stuck in the charging port that's keeping the cable from making contact, etc.

Let us know what you find then we can figure out what to do next.

But as @oldturkey03 already said, given it's so new, I agree that there should be a warranty of some sort that should be your first choice for getting this problem fixed.

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