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Flip 4 battery is dead and stuck inside with mucho adhesive

I have a JBL Flip 4 speaker with a dead battery. I bought a replacement battery from you, but I cannot get the old battery out. Pulling by the wires resulted in the wires breaking off. Now the battery is just stuffed in there with no way to grip it. Do you have ideas about how to get it out? Is it dangerous or toxic to rip it out in pieces with needle nose pliers?

If I have to give up on this Flip 4 and trash it, is there another brand of speaker that is known for allowing much better and easier access to replace a dead battery?

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if using pliers try not break the battery as it could explode, if you attempt it, do it at your own risk and do it outside


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As @tech_ni says the battery is dangerous! Lithium batteries do not stop burning and ignites with the smallest puncture! Remember the Note7? Use a nylon spudger and a decent amount of >99% isopropyl alcohol. The iso makes the adhesive a lot weaker, and with carefully using the spudger as sort of a breaker bar, you can carefully pry out the battery.

Dispose of the battery safely, according to your local recycling laws. Lithium can be VERY dangerous!

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