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Item # M05488-CC This is the older model which relies on IR sensors for the 2 controllers that come with the system. I cannot verify all the information in these guides will apply to the updated systems.

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Can you identify this part please? It is on the power board

Block Image

Block Image

Can you identify this part? I have updated the picture and zoomed in

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@lgyrjjt post a clearer picture and zoom in closer as well.


Sorry. Is this any better. Thank you for your help.[image|2775033]


@lgyrjjt, Sorry, Simon, we can't see your picture; iFixit's software doesn't allow for pictures embedded in comments. You'll need to go back and edit your question and add the picture there.


I think i have update the image now and highlighted (with a square) the part i am trying to identify (it has corroded or blown and i was going to try and replace it if i can find out what it is).


@lgyrjjt oddly enough, that looks like a diode. The solder pads and the soldering are looking like that as well. @dadibrokeit what do you think


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@oldturkey03, I think you hit the nail on the head.

Block Image

Looks just like the one in the upper left corner, right down to the variations in color on the tube. Here's the page the picture came from.

Diodes Inc Fast Switching 200mA SMD (Surface Mount) Schottky Diode SOT-23 (Continuous strip of 25): Industrial & Scientific

P.S., I went in and fixed the link to the updated photo in the question.

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@dadibrokeit @lgyrjjt that is what I would be using to at least give it a try. Order an handful and go for it. :)



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