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Samsung Galaxy smartphone featuring a large display , and large font size.

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Phone is completely dead. Need help with repair.

This is an old phone which I'd received from my previous employer so as to manage their social media channels.

It was able to hold it's might through numerous drops and screen damage (with subsequent replacements). It has finally given up and is now completely dead. My attempts at superficial repair has proven that the problem is rooted deeper. I tried getting it fixed at a local repair shop but he gave up on the basis that parts aren't available and that the motherboard has gone kaput. I took his words with a pinch and half of salt.

I got some important contacts and backup on this phone which I'd really like to salvage. I invested in a few basic tools and looked up a few tutorials on the interwebz but none seem to help me understand the actual problem. I tried to check it for half/full short but the test results are completely different to what the guides suggest. I am hoping you guys can point me to the right direction in getting this fixed. I can easily try to recover the data through some specialists but the satisfaction in getting it done myself is priceless!

Edit- The model number is GT-I9060

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How to power ic solutions


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Hi @rizzi87

Here's an image of the Power On flowchart, from the service manual for the phone that may help.

Block Image

(click on image)

Hopefully a start

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Thank you @jayeff for your input.

Primarily, I'd like to apologise for not mentioning the model number correctly. The service manual that you mentioned is for GT-I9082 whereas mine is GT-I9060.

Also, the manual makes a mention of a 'jig' to run diagnostics; I don't have access to it. Further, the phone also doesn't charge. I have ordered a new battery to try and see if that solves it.

Running a continuity test at the battery terminals to Check for shorting yields no results.



Here is the service manual for your model.

You can't test a battery for continuity, you can only test it correctly for voltage. Any resistance reading is misleading as essentially a battery is like a capacitor. You can't really test it with an Ohmmeter as this tests resistance and not reactance which a capacitor has (AC resistance) and also any voltage left in the battery will affect the reading because the Ohmmeter uses its own battery to supply power to cause current to flow through the circuit so as to give the measurement and any voltage from the battery will affect this as it may oppose the voltage in the meter or increase it in the circuit being measured, depending on which way the meter test leads are connected to the circuit.


Appreciate it again @jayeff

What I meant is I tried checking the continuity through the battery connector on the PCB as mentioned here:

I didn't get any values on the multimeter whatsoever in the forward or the reversed direction.


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