Auto restarting without any reason continuously

Without any reason phone gets auto restart even the battery in a good condition

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Hi @chiya,

Does it do this with the charger connected?

Does it stop doing this by itself also or how do you stop it?

If you turn it off does it start doing this again as soon as you turn it on?

Has the phone gotten wet or been dropped at all?


@chiya how do you know the battery is in good condition.


@oldturkey03 Because he said so silly 😂 (sorry couldn't help it lol)


@oldturkey03 by looking at the battery charging and performance can determine it


Hello @jayeff

Yes it working as a common phone only the problem with auto restarting I didn't get any wet and it have fell for like 2 3 times but not so hard. While using the phone only this happens


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