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Released September 2016. Identified by Model No. SM-G610

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Testing with another device's screen

I got a J7 prime with a completely dead, broken and miserable screen.

Took it apart (not wearing gloves, oops) and seems like the rest of the components is fine.

So I got a spare screen from a J5 prime (which has the same connector), then tried to turn it on from USB power... No success.

Is it correct to deduce that the phone is dead? Or is it simply not compatible with another model's screen?

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Hi @sharkaroid

Here's the No Power troubleshooting flowchart from the service manual that may help.

Looking at the chart, if there is no power on sound or vibration sound then there's a problem with the systemboard.

Block Image

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@sharkaroid it is possible that your incorrect display is actually preventing your phone to come on. Remove the wrong LCD altogether and give it a try or even leave your old one connected. Like it was previously stated, if you do not get any vibration etc. on startup, the issue is not your display.


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You’ll need a matching screen. Not all screens are compatible even if the connectors fit.

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but even with an incompatible screen, would the phone turn on and vibrate if it's working?


@sharkaroid Even without a screen the phone would still turn on.


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