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A yo-yo is a toy that consists of a length of string attached at one end to a flat spool. The spool is usually made of either wood or plastic.

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How to fix light yo yo of PAW PATROL

How to fix light yo yo

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Here's a video that may help.

I realize that it is not for your make and model yoyo but the principle of operation for the light would be the same.

The specifications for your yoyo state that it has a "non replaceable battery" so either the battery has failed or there is a problem with the circuit for the light.

If the battery has failed hopefully the model number of the battery is stamped on it somewhere. If there is a model number on the battery, search online using that information to hopefully find suppliers.

It may be safer to use a pry tool (examples only) instead of a metal blade as seen in the video to avoid damage to the yoyo.

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