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The Corsair Void Pro RGB is an optimal wireless headphone compatible with most media devices. This set features both dual speakers and a microphone.

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Servicing micro usb port

So my Wireless void pro is old, female micro USB is worn out. Any tutorials on how to replace the port or even convert it to something stronger like USB-C?

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Hi Blair,

Thanks to @jmehnert you have the answer to the first part of your question about replacing the micro USB port.

To respond to the second half regarding upgrading it to USB-C, that's gonna be a no. USB-C connectors have several more signals than a micro USB port and consequently the printed circuit board footprint for the two connectors is completely different, so there's no way to correctly solder in a USB-C connector on a micro USB footprint.

I remember reading some time ago about people researching the idea of a USB-C connector that utilized a micro USB footprint, but as I recall that thread didn't really go anywhere; I don't believe they found any such creature in existence. You can try your own search on the subject if you want; that's the only way you could reasonably accomplish that conversion.

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Here is a Reddit post asking the same question, but to give you the Spark-notes it might be a bit tricky if you don't have any soldering skills. But a Micro-USB port like this will work.

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my micro USB port died recently so I documented all my steps. I "upgraded" my Corsair Void wireless headset to USB-C.
I hope it helps you a little bit.

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