Why is my flat iron not heating up?

Hi, I'm having problems with this flat iron. This is the second one and it still is not heating up. It's a brand new flat iron, with no damage to it. I even presented my power outlet and still nothing. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you!

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Miss Yani two brand new flat irons and neither one heats up. It is possible that this is a manufacturing fault but I would suggest that you try a different outlet first. See if that changes anything. What make and models are your flat irons? What is your normal household voltage? What voltages do the flat irons show on their labels?


I just bought a Remington S5500 Anti-Static Technology 1” Flat Iron yesterday at Target (Sept16, 2022), and it turns on but the ceramic plates do not heat up, even though the digital heat setting states the iron is heated up to 450. Im returning it tomorrow.


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