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iPhone 7+ Replacement battery not charging

The battery health on my iPhone 7 was at 79% and was reporting it needed service. I just replaced the battery with the iFixit battery kit. Great lil kit, includes everything you need. Replacement went well, no problems (other than it being harder to open than the video showed).

After reassembly the iPhone started up fine but under settings->battery->battery health it reported it 'could not detect the device and provide battery health' (or something similar). I chalked it up to Apple not recognizing the 3rd party battery?

The new battery reported a charge of 9% on startup. I plugged the phone in to charge, got the tone and the battery 'lightning bolt' symbol indicated it was charging.

After 5 hours it shows a charge of 11%. But now I do not get the error message it cannot provide battery health anymore. I just get a spinning 'loading' symbol.

I performed a force restart (wake and volume down) hoping it would 'reset'. Still no joy. The best I've been able to get it to charge after 6 hrs is 13%

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Firstly open the phone back up and reseat the battery connector. If it is still showing the same symptoms you will need to try another replacement battery. While you have the phone open check that you haven’t nudged a component near the battery connector. There is a resistor that if knocked off or nudged will cause your symptoms. If everything looks good and the replacement battery doesn’t fix it you probably need to replace one of the charging IC’s “Tigris or Tristar” but the problem is most likely a faulty battery which ifixit will exchange. The resistor that commonly gets knocked off is in the image below.

Block Image

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Thanks for the reply. I will give your suggestions a try.

Looking at the image is the resistor you refer to the small bright red rectangle? I presume it is an SMT resistor? Is it that fragile?


@imicrosoldering seems to be busy so I'll take the liberty of answering for him.

Yes, Yes and Yes.


If that solution and calibrating your battery don't work, send an email to and our amazing customer service team will get you squared away.


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