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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 Plus that was released on September 19, 2014. Model: A1522, A1524

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Backup data with no screen, itunes doesnt detect

I have this iphone 6 plus phone that suddenly the screen stopped working, what happens is I see a blank screen with the backlight lit up, when I connect the phone through a lightening port to a computer or a charging adapter the backlight lights up.

Is there a way to make a backup/clone the data from this iphone knowing that the feature "data protection" is enabled and the passcode is known. can I verify the passcode to the device without having to use the screen? also There is no apple logo it's just a black screen with backlight, if the home button is pressed the backlight turns on.

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Definitely sounds like a you could use a new screen sort of scenario. To back up an iPhone you need to have one of the following scenarios.

Scenario 1 -

  • Charging functionality so it can stay on for long enough to complete a backup.
  • USB connectivity for transmitting data to a computer.
  • Working image so you can see what's occurring onscreen (backlight is a luxury, not a necessity).
  • Functional touch so you can unlock the screen, and initiate trust with the connected computer


Scenario 2 -

  • Wireless charging functionality so the phone will stay on long enough to complete a backup.
  • Working image so you can see what's occurring onscreen (backlight is a luxury, not necessity).
  • Functional touch so you can unlock the screen.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and a cloud based location to store the data

Right now it seems like you have at least 2 of the 4 things from the first scenario, but you do need the ability to see what's onscreen so you can unlock it. Even if touch is working, I recommend against doing too much guess work because I have seen far too many disabled iPhones which are permanently locked out after too many incorrect password attempts.

iPhone 6 Plus screens can be had relatively cheaply (in comparison to other iPhone replacement displays). But I would wager you will need a new one. I might also have a look at the iPhone Black Screen page, which could provide some other options to restore screen functionality without needing to purchase a new one.

iPhone 6 Plus Screen Afbeelding


iPhone 6 Plus Screen


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Sounds like most likely you have a screen issue. Unfortunately, the screen has to come on and be functional with touch in order to connect to a computer and to back up the data.

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So I managed to connect the phone to iTunes via 'recovery mode' I think,

I pressed the home button and power button for a few seconds then iTunes saw the phone and displayed the serial number,

it said there is an issue with the phone please "update" the software or "restore" to factory settings. I tried updating but every time it finishes the process it goes back to step one, asking me again to update then repeats the same after trying several times. I don't want to use the restore function as that will erase the data.

Also once iTunes saw the phone, the backlight became stronger but still no image on screen.

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Yes, definitely do not restore the phone if you need the data.. If you're not getting an image even in Recovery mode, it may actually be stuck in recovery mode at this point. This is almost certainly a hardware issue. So either a new screen, or something on the logic board.


@flannelist Thank you for your help, I'll look into that next then.


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