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My Mecer LED display isn't showing any visuals, only sound

I have a Mecer LED Display (Model: 32L81F) & the LED display isn't giving anything. When I switch the Display monitor on it flickers the Mecer logo as it always would when switching it on but then the screen goes black & I only get sound, no visuals. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @liamxpearmain,

Have you tried different signal inputs e.g. HDMI and vga and /or different video cables?

Have you tried a different signal source e,g, dvd player etc

Can you view the display's OSD menus OK?


@jayeff Thanks for the reply. I have tried different outputs but unfortunately no such luck. Unfortunately I can't access any of the OSD menus with the screen being completely black. Resorted to a soft reset by unplugging the power cable so will see if that gives anything.



Check if you can detect images on the screen by shining a torch (flashlight) at an angle close to the screen. They will be very faint if they are there so trying in a darkened room may help to see them.

If they are there then there is a backlight problem with the display.

How old is the display?


@jayeff No image at all unfortunately with the torch either. I live in South Africa & we've had a lot of loadshedding (where they cut our electricity off for hours at a time) meaning the TV has been switched off (through the power cable essentially) numerous times over the past few months. Could this have played a part?

The display is 4 years old now so it probably was reaching it's last legs. Just very abrupt as I was using it perfectly last night & nothing happened over night (e.g loadshedding etc...) which would've affected it & I woke up this morning to no visuals at all.


@rash16 You’re most likely having a backlight issue. If you start a new question here on iFixit, and include the following: TV make and model, symptoms and importantly: Good quality and up close pictures of the boards inside your TV.


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Hi @liamxpearmain

4 years old is not old for a TV ;-)

There's not much service information out there regarding the TV (at least that I could find) so first up disconnect the power from the TV and remove the back cover and then take some close up images of the boards i.e. power board (board where power first connects to) the mainboard, and possibly the tcon board (if there is one) and post back here in your "question" Here's how on ifixit Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

If there is a tcon board then this may be the problem as it is used solely for the video output to the screen. This board connects the mainboard to the screen i.e. usually one ribbon cable from mainboard to tcon board then usually two ribbon cables from the tcon board connecting to the screen (which will be hard to see as they disappear behind panel etc). Check if there is an smd fuse mounted on the tcon board close to the ribbon cable connector for the cable from the mainboard. If there is check the fuse for continuity with a DMM - Ohmmeter function and if OK reconnect power to the TV and check for voltage at the fuse. It will be low volts DC 12-24V BUT there is exposed lethal AC volts on the power board so be careful! Not conclusive but to have to start eliminating some things e.g. no power at tcon then its the mainboard

If there is no tcon board it may be integrated in the mainboard i.e. so the mainboard connects to the screen.

In either case try to find the boards' make and model numbers (printed on boards themselves) because sometimes the same board is used in different makes and model TV and buying a replacement board can be cheaper and less time consuming than trying to fix one without the schematics etc.

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Awesome, I'll get to this in a few hours. Thanks very much!



It looks like it's an integrated mainboard.

The mainboard model number is MTB3-169HP275-000240

Unfortunately the only thing that I can find even remotely close to it (but is not it) is this from Thailand (equivalent price = 1170 ZAR), so it seems that it "may" be a Philips board MTB3-169HP being the main identifiers and the rest of the code the individual product not that this helps.

Looking at a zoomed in image of the images you posted nothing is obviously amiss so I'm sorry that I can't help you any further.

You could try searching on Ebay (or equivalent where you are) for "broken" same model monitors i.e. ones with a cracked screen where hopefully that is the only problem and the mainboard is still OK and if the price is right take a gamble on it.


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