Unstable RPM on Clk (W208)


I apologize in advance for the lack of right terms when explaining my problem below as English is not my main language. Please bear with me as I will try to explain this as simple as possible.

I've been driving this Mercerdes Clk (w208) 200 Kompressor for 18 years and I want to keep for as long as I can.

Ten years ago I turned into a hybrid (if that's the right term), added an LPG tank and everything has been going smooth, no problems.

In the past few months the engine started to make an awful sound when turned on in the morning, high fuel consumption and not enough power (as if something was holding it back).

Nobody seemed to give me an answer and went as far as suggested to replace the engine entirely. I don't want to do that so I went to this guy whose name kept coming up as the best technician for mercedes with gasoline engines.

I let the car at his garage and next day went to take it home. He said he opened andcleaned the injectors, throttle, air sensor. The car seemed to work better and he suggested i use it only on gasoline at least for a full tank, take it on the high way with high speeds and the car would be fine in a few day.

I took the car home and as i was parking the RPGs went crazy. I thought it might be because of the cleaning and it would go to normal. The next day I turn on the car, there is no weird sound. Every thing seemed fine but in 5 minutes the RPGs started again and have never stopped.

I sent it back to the guy but it's been a week and neither him or any other technicians who checked it have no idea why it does it.

They checked for ai leaks, replaced the throttle,air sensor, spark plugs, factory reset the ECU but nothing works.

I'm posting this video, in case someone has gone through this before or has any idea what's going on with my car.


This happens with both types of fuel i use (gasoline and lpg), there is no difference.

I forgot to say that it's a manual transmission and in the video I'm not touching the gas pedal. It just does it by itself.

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@dan36 so we are looking at a 2004 Mercedes CLK (W208) 200 Kompressor? The LPG conversion/addition is a commercial conversion? Just out of curiosity, which country was this done? No issues with it until recently? Other than the surging RPM's what is the performance like? Fuel consumptions?


@oldturkey03 W208 is a 2000 Mercedes, the one with round and split headlights. The conversion it is done in Albania.

The LPG kit I have is a Polish make named Versus. It's a great equipment. It's 10 years i have it on my car and it works great.the performance is really good. I would say it is 90% of performance when using gasoline. You won't notice much difference unless you're into drag races. In that case you just push the button, switch to gasoline and have your fun. Fuel consumption is a bit higher, about 2-3 litres but it's worth it.

On the other hand their representative in Albania is sh*t. The people who represent this care only to sell and install new kits. They don't care about support or fixing things when you have a problem, so a few replacement parts whenever needed I buy and replace them at Lovato which is an Italian brand and fortunately for me they go with the Polish kit i have.

Never had a problem, and RPM problem I'm having now it just happened a couple of weeks ago.


@dan36 I suspected something like that since you are all a bit smarter about those things in your part of the World. I love the way that it gets done and it makes a lot of impact. You tell somebody over here you want to convert your MB to LPG they'll flip :-)

Anyhow the surging happens with gasoline and LPG? You originally mentioned that your vehicle had "high fuel consumption and not enough power". did this resolve. Do you have an opportunity to scan the OBD to see if there is anything that might show a code? By the way it surges I am leaning toward a bad oxygen sensor or a vacuum issue.


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