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Repair and disassembly information for Samsung's S22 Ultra smartphone, released in February 2022.

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My phone went for a swim in Dale Hollow Lake. Moisture in camera lens

While on vacation in Tennessee, I was dropping the anchor, and while leaning over my phone jumped in the lake. The depth finder sensor was in the deepest part of the water as we were at the bank. Maybe 15ft at the max depth. This was not but 10-12ft. I found it after about 2 minutes. It has been fully operational. 100%, and I'm happy EXCEPT the moisture build up on the back of every darn camera lens. It's unusable really. This thing takes a phenomenal picture, & it's one of the top reasons I bought it. Saying I am VERY disappointed is an understatement. The water resistant rating it's certified with should have EASILY protected this from happening.

With that out of the way I have some questions.

Should I just buy a new one and get into some back and forth with Samsung?

Send it in and wait for them to get to it which I was told at best it would be 14 days. ( I rely heavily on my phone for work, and just can swallow that one)

Take it to ubreakifix to let them bang on it or should I try giving it an alcohol bath? I'm worried that this would work, but would leave some stains on the back of the lens which obviously I cannot wipe off. I fear it'd be good enough and I'd settle but never be completely happy with it again.

Ooorrrr. Is there a self repair kit available for this ?

But ultimately where's the accountability in Samsung and the ip rating? If you state it, charge $1500 for it and claim it does "X" than if "X" fails send us a new one and you fix this one!

I thank any and all in advance. I'm trying to remain rational & fair but I can't shake impatient.

Take care!

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Water resistant, not water proof. Here's Samsung's definition;

Here's screenrant's definition:


Yes, I understand and "water resistant is how I described it in my post" the IP rating should have easily protected this from happening. Thanks for the reply!


1.5m = 4.9 feet . If the phone was immersed in 10feet, it exceeded IP68 ratings.


Ugh, yep there's the problem. For some reason I thought is was 6 meters. Okay this is acceptable then. This thing was down about 17ft for about 20 min while we l looked for it. Finally on my last attempt I found it. Fully operational and in working order other than after about an hour moisture appeared on the lenses. 👍 Thank you.


Bill, the best you can do as a diyer might be to open your phone and examine the camera lenses. Removal may be necessary then if the lens isn't removable, attempt drying it by warm heat; sun drying or leaving it in a gas oven using a pilot light for warmth or over a stove with a pilot light. Warmth can help moisture evaporate overnight. The only problem might be water spots left on the interior of the lenses. A jeweler's eye loupe or magnifying glass may reveal whether or not the lens has venting to allow a Q-tip to soak up excess water or moisture.


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Unfortunately your phone is water resistant not waterproof. You could go into a ding dong with Samsung who’d tell you it would be ok up to 1.5 metres but not 12 feet which exceeds the resistance rating. Sorry.

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Hi @willoni23

If the water is just under the camera lens and has not penetrated further (time will tell), you may be able to get away with just replacing the lens without opening the phone.

Here's a video that shows what to do.

Replacement lenses (supplier example only) are available online. Just search for Galaxy SM-S908 camera lens, to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

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