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Repair guides and support for the OnePlus 5T, an Android smartphone with a 6.01" AMOLED display. Released in November 2017. Successor to the OnePlus 5. Model number: A5010.

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Touch IC needs to be replaced

Hi, I am a proud owner of OnePlus 5t. Recently, my phone fell in a water canal and couldn't find it for more than a day. After 26 hours, I found my phone. The display is still working, but the touch is not working. Is there any way that the phone can be brought back to life? I heard that the manufacturer is also not releasing the spare parts into the market.

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i would say its more likely that the digitiser on the screen is damaged and a screen replacement could possibly solve the no touch issue, but since it has been in water there could be damage to the motherboard aswell

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