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Apple's third-generation smartwatch, with optional cellular connectivity, released September 22, 2017.

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Apple watch stuck in a boot loop

Alright, here's the situation: Couple days ago I've noticed that for some reason the apple watch wasn't connected to my phone which was weird but wasn't the first time it happened to me so I just turned it off. Ever since I tried turning it back on it's been stuck in a boot loop and I've tried everything with no success. Force restart, force restart while on charger, letting it run out of battery and then trying to force restart after it charges and nothing. I'm running out of ideas and have no idea what to do next. Bringing it to apple is not an option for me.

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What is the problem ? And how do I fix it ?


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Iv had this happen to a series 1 Apple Watch and I narrowed it down to being the battery

I know you have said speaking to apple isn’t a option but I would just in case even if it’s over a phone call or a text chat as it could be a software issue

Did the battery seem to get worse or bad?if you noticed that it’s most likely a bad battery

Hopefully this answers your question


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Hey, the battery was totally normal, there were no issues with it. Now after it's stuck in a boot loop the watch gets hot while it's on the charger


I agree with the battery being the issue. I have had this issue happen plenty of times with customers. Replacing the battery always fixed the issue.



If it’s getting warm it’s probably the battery

When I had my issue ,I had the screen off mine and the battery was getting uncomfortably hot

I would still get In Touch with apple support through a text chat to see if there’s any software tricks they have for you because it only takes 20mins or so :-)


Alright, thank you everyone, I'll try contacting them and seeing if anyone locally can replace the battery.


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Apple store says its hardware issue and not battery. But they havent sent it out for analysis - so its just their guess. Seems the $79 battey service plan is only for people who have a watch that is not in boot loop:(

So they want to charge me $159 for replacement. I am not under Apple care or 1 yr warranty.

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My 2 year old Iwatch 6 just starting doing this last week for the 2nd time. The first time I was able to hard boot the watch by pressing both the crown and the side button simultaneously to force restart.

After starting the latest update last week it hung up again on this "BootLoop" and I've done everything short of a hammer..

(Pressing, Hitting, Freezing, draining..) To no avail..

I went and bought another watch and this time I'll keep insurance on it.

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Same exact problem here. Watch Series 6 bootlooping after WatchOS 9.6 update. Apple says it is a “hardware problem” with no further detail. They want to charge me over $300.


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