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Various models of General Music digital piano. These are high quality products, well worth spending considerable time and effort repairing.

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Enquiry about Gem Real Piano RP800

Enquiry about Gem Real Piano RP800. There are several notes that are sticking down & will not return to normal position. What is the likely cause & Is this a repairable problem?

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I have the same issue and was just told it's impossible to get parts for this piano and it probably can't be fixed. Not what I wanted to hear. :( If you do get it fixed, please post.


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I have the exact same model of piano. I am able to get it fixed. It took me about 6 hours. The keys would not return to its up position after pressing on it. It turns out the white plastic that holding the weight of each key has expanded over time. The aluminum rod that goes through each weight is getting too tight for the weight to move (rotate) freely. Also, the expended white plastic is pushing against the side of the black case that holds the weight and the rod together.

To fix the issue, I did the following:

  1. Take the keyboard assembly out of the cabin.
  2. Remove a black slotted case at the bottom side of the keyboard assembly that holds the weight and the aluminum rod. (I started from the right where the case holds only 4 keys.) In order to do that, remove the keys from the assembly first. (You have to first remove the screw, a metal plate, and a black thin plastic thing that holds the keys in the locked position at the back of the assembly, Then push the key toward the back of the assembly to unlock each key and lift it out of the assembly.
  3. With a long screw driver (or a unsharpened pencil), I push the aluminum rod out while wiggling (rotating) the black case back and forth so that the rod would rotate a little bit.
  4. I took all the weight out of the case and put them all one by one back on the rod in the correct order for easier assembly later.
  5. With the weights on the rod but without the case, I rotate the rod until the weights no longer bind to the rod. (I later discovered that it works good when I use an electric drill to hold the rod and spin it)
  6. Test each weight to make sure it can swing freely on the rod.
  7. Remove each weight from the rod and insert it back to the case. Check and see if any weight is binding to the wall of the slot. It should be able to slide in and out freely to each slot. If it is binding to the side, use a piece of sandpaper (150 grid works good) to sand the side of the white plastic where it is touching the wall of the slot a little bit until it can be inserted back to the case smoothly. Remember to clean (vacuum) the dust out before putting it back to the slot.
  8. Insert the rod back to the case and carefully feed it thru each weight.
  9. Test to make sure each weight can now swing freely.
  10. Put the assembled black case back to the keyboard assembly.
  11. Repeat steps 2 to 10 for each black case that has keys that won't return to the up position.

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I need help with this exact problem I live in Wimbledon is there anyone in that area that might be able to help me?


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If you don't receive a better answer, it may be worth considering purchasing the service manual as it contains dis-assembly and repair instructions as well as a spare parts list etc.

Not sure if it is in the language that you require though. You may wish to check with the seller first, if you decide to buy it.

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