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Repair information and guides for the fifth generation of iPhone. Model: A1387

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Restore iPhone 4S without original battery


I recently got a dead iPhone which has a dead battery, causing it to bootloop. So i changed it with a third-party battery and now I'm getting error 29. The battery that came with this was completly dead and i cant find an original one here in India and i dont want to pay a lot of money to get it from another country. I tried with 3utools, idevicerestore and iTunes + 10s of websites. Still no answer. So, is there any way to skip the gasgauge update?

Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried putting it into dfu mode?


The power button's trace is gone, there is no OS on the phone. So only able to enter recovery mode. Tried using Reds0w, but it only detects the phone as "soft DFU mode"


@Electronics Boy its a 4s so wont have any issues to do with the battery, what do you mean there is no os on it ?


@daniel There are issues with non genune batteries. And by there is no os on it, i ment that the ios got easesed


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The best thing i was able to do is to buy a broken iphone 4s which has not been opened and its battery into this one and it worked!

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Nice one! 👍


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Error 29 is caused by wrong battery, i think you need a battery with APN 616-0579 or 616-0580

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That is the problem, i don't have a battery with a valid APN no


just buy one for cheap with one of the above APN numbers The one that you have inside your iphone at the moment wich apn number is on it?


It has no APN, the 5 batteries i bought dont have an APN


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