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The John Frieda hot-air styling tool has the model number of JFHA5R, and it was manufactured in 2015. The hot-air styling tool has a 1 1/2 inch titanium coated barrel.

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How can I clean the brush?

How do I clean the brush?

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Suzanne Rosenblatt you did not tell us what you want to clean of the brush. For a general cleaning use a fine comb and move it through the brush in a longitudinal way, bottom to top way. That should pull any trapped hair. Use some soap and water to clean the brush of any dirt other than hair. Do not submerge it but just use a fine brush like a toothbrush etc.

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I’ve had mine for so many years, I no longer remember its age. For a quick cleaning to remove hair, I use a brush.

For deeper cleaning, to remove hair products (I don’t use often), holding brush downward, I spray brush with alcohol and simply hold for a minute or so. Then, after a little scrub with brush, I using a microfiber cloth and gently clean each row. Everything melts off and it looks brand new again!


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