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Repair guides and support for Panasonic's Viera line of televisions.

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L55wt50y connector need help

Hello I need help to figure out what type of cable this is in the picture because i need to buy one its for panasonic l55tw50y tv

Block Image

picture from google

Update (06/16/2022)

This is the manual i am using

Updated link now it works

Update (06/18/2022)


Block Image

I have now measured it and the pitch is 0.5mm

The connector is 1cm

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The relevant section showing the L03 connector (part #K1MN20BA0231) in the parts list of the service manual for the TV only states that it is a 20 pin connector, (which it also shows on the board anyway).

There is no cables shown in the parts list, at least not any FFC type cables

Unfortunately I cannot find anything when searching online for the connector's datasheet to find information regarding the pitch and also it's voltage rating etc. to know what FFC cable to use, which you would need to know to ensure that you're using a compatible replacement cable, besides the fact that it is a 20 wire cable

Here's a link that may help you to work out the pitch at least.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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I found this part number for the ffc cable TSCKZ0010055 , but it's discontinued and idk how to continue to find a replacement now.


@Samantha m

What is wrong with the original cable?

if faulty e.g. a broken wire and it needs to be replaced then perhaps you could contact a supplier and ask if there is a compatible replacement.

If not and it is only a single wire that is broken for example you may be able to bypass the broken wire by jury rigging a single wire around the broken wire i.e. solder a wire between the wire's connector pin appearance on the two boards.

Quick and dirty but it may come to this.


@jayeff i dissasembled the tv because i was planning to sell the parts six months ago because the mainboard stopped working but now decided to fix it and can't find that cable ..


@Samantha m

The link is not working in your comment under your question above and answer below regarding the manual that you're using. It gives a 404 page not found error when clicking on it.

Best I can suggest if you don't want to contact a supplier is to work out the pitch of the cable (see link in my answer above) and search online for a "(insert suitable length), 20 pin (insert pitch) FFC cable" and try it.


So i have been looking to purchase the 20pin connector and I have only found the pitch in 2 sizes 0.5mm and 1mm are those the 2 only pitch for 20pin connector? If so i might just buy the 2 and see which works.


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