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Whirlpool refrigerator WSR57R18D Runs but Stopped getting cold

Runs but does not get cold. Ices up on small copper tube above coils. Behind inside lower cover.

Update (06/14/2022)

The items in the list do not seem to be the answer.

Coils are clean. Fans run. Compressor runs continuously. Ice forms on capillary tube before the evaporator coils. Evaporator coil does not get cold.

Can’t be start relay or capacitor as the compressor runs. I don’t think it could be a thermistor doesn’t it turn off the compressor.

I am looking for a common failure specific to this model unit. As listed in original question. This is a freezerless refrigerator. It is paired with an identical looking freezer.

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Hello... I am having the same issue. Did you ever get it to work? Thank you in advance for your help.


What was the issue? We are having the same problem.


Same problem and my refrigerator is 2 years 1 month old! Ridiculous...Whirlpool is crap! The 1st tech said if they flush it and it starts working we are good otherwise we need a new $2700 refrigerator. It's crazy that Whirlpool gets away with having no liability in this! Don't buy Whirlpool Sidekicks!!!!!


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Hi @rjbrown

Ice forming on the line before the evap unit could indicate a restriction (blockage) in the sealed system.

Just wondering if the filter drier -part #16 is clogged.

WPW10143759 - Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter Drier Afbeelding


WPW10143759 - Whirlpool Refrigerator Filter Drier


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Here are the nine most common issues with your model not cooling:

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