When I connect my Display ... the flickering goes mental

Hey Team, I have the same issue - MPB 2019 2-port ..

When I connect my Apple Cinema Display 24" ... the flickering goes mental ...

Tried every configuration. still no luck

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@Rejekted Records you've checked your power supply? what else have you checked?


@oldturkey03 its the normal AC plug ... changed that even .. still not working ...

It was working normal, then one day ... just like that it stopped ... running Mojave because of plugins ...


@Rejekted Records are you using any kind of adapter in between? Your display is a A1081?


@oldturkey03 - He needs adapter to convert the display signal from the TB3 (USB-C) to Mini DisplayPort on the 24" LED Cinema Display.

@Rejekted Records - What is the adapter (hub?) you are using?

Also, what is your external displays prefs setting? Possible Resolutions: 1920 by 1200, 1280 by 800, or 1024 by 640 pixels


@Rejected Records connect your monitor to a device that will not require any adapters and I am certain it will display properly. The issues seems to arise from the conversion from USB-C to Mini Display


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