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An electronic toothbrush manufactured by Philips and released in 2007. Five different modes, designed to clean teeth more efficiently.

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Replacement battery for HX9120

I'm looking to replace the battery in my Sonicare FlexCare HX9120.

Do you have a replacement battery for this model?

Thank you for your time,


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I found out this battery won't fit my HX9120 Phillips Sonicare, it requires a Sony P/N 4235 010 32899. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate this battery anywhere.


rmwrench have you determined what the differences are? Size, contact location ? Is this the model where the battery contacts are offset or are they coming from the center?


Hi oldturkey03 I don't know the size of the battery I need; all I know is it's longer and smaller in diameter then the one suggested that would work which it doesn't, this is the Item code: IF389-000-2 of the battery that won't fit/work. The part number off the battery in my unit is all I have to go on and up to this date I haven't been able to find a replacement battery any where.


As far as I can tell the battery contacts are off set.


I am going through this now as well. As far as I can tell, it doesn't look offset. If I get another battery, I just want to make sure it fits. It looks like an AA battery. The lead maybe too wide so it not fit into the hole. I am thinking I could take off the old leads from the bad battery and use it on the new battery. Solder it in so to speak. It is weird that you cannot find a Sony replacement battery for this one.


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Yes and a guide on how to do it, look here

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This is the equivalent to the sony: I'm not able to say which of the batteries on iFixit are correct if that one isn't. I have no involvement with iFixit business function but I expect an answer will be along shortly.


Are you certain of your information? I've now found 3 references that say seemingly this IS the correct replacement. I've alsorefferredd your comment to iFixit.


What I did to find several candidates was search for sony 4235 010 32899 substitute, the video I posted in my answer state if the pins are offset to insert at an angle. I can't check that for veracity, unfortunately, but you can search for other substitute cells.


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