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Whi is my power adapter heating

Why is my mobile power adapter heating

Charging is low power

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Why my phone is more heating


@diganthkulal Sorry to hear about your phone being broken! We can’t provide you with any repair advice right now though because we don’t know exactly what we’re working with. Please update your post to include the make, model, symptoms of your problem, and the troubleshooting you’ve already tried.


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pmk13111961 that depends on how warm it gets. It is common to warm up but not to heat up. If it does it could be the power adapter or that your phone is drawing to high an amperage to charge the battery. If your charger is working properly get a USB Ammeter and see what your phone draws. For now, try a different charger. After that you will have to disassemble your phone, change the battery and check the sub board for any issues.

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