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A corded phone with companion cordless phone developed by Uniden.

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Uniden cordless phones all say no line .

The phones are not working and all say no line and have no dial tone . We thought that a phone was on and lost somewhere but after it died they should have worked again I think .

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Please verify the model number of the phone?

If you call your number using another phone e.g. mobile phone, do you hear a ringtone, busy tone or nothing in the calling phone?

Is the phone's base station connected to a telephone cable socket or to a modem using an internet connection for the phone service?

Try plugging a corded phone into the phone line socket (or the modem's phone connection) and check for dial tone etc.

If the corded phone also doesn't work, contact your phone service provider. If the phone is plugged into a modem try resetting the modem i.e. turn the power off to the modem, wait 1 minute then turn it back on again. Allow the modem to initialize and then try the phone.

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First, make sure that your landline is set up correctly and plugged in securely. If you have DSL High Speed Internet, you will need a DSL filter (Not included with product).

Second, If that is all fine, check that the phone is powered on and not dead. Make sure the battery is inserted the correct way.

Third, try resetting the phone by unplugging all cables and batteries for 1 minute, then plug it all back in.

If none of the above work, you may have a faulty phone, and it will need replacement, as there is no other way to fix this. Hope this helps!

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