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How to remove stripped screw

I stripped one of the screws in back of my steam deck any ideas how to get it off?

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Isaac Zahavi depends on how chewed up the screhead is. Sometimes a bigger screwdriver with more force applied can loosen those. If that does not work and since the screws are sunken you would have to drill the head off. Use a bit slightly smaller the the hole that leads to the screws and gently drill down until the head falls off. Not much force or long drill time required. Once you have your steam deck apart you can remove the rest of the screw with a pair of small vise grips (Pliers)


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A magnetic screwdriver gently handled can sometimes let you get it out far enough to grab and pry (twisting) out. On reassembly a nylon or wooden toothpick or splinter placed in the hole may serve to let the screw bite if it is the type that grips the plastic rather than a metal insert. If you don't have a magnetic screwdriver you can either magnetize one by stroking one with a strong magnet repeatedly down its shaft, or by winding a coil of wire about it and powering it with a low voltage battery (electromagnet - please don't electrocute yourself by using mains current) or buy one. The previous answer to drill the head off remains an option if you can't get it out this way. Peferably with a drill press and clamped in place since a slip would not be pretty.

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How badly is it stripped? My ph0 philips head screwdriver was too pointy and not allowing me to fully engage the screws. Like the point of the screwdriver was longer than the screws are deep. I used a dremel tool with a sanding disc to blunt the end of the screwdriver. took a couple attempts cause I was being cautious. Once I blunted the tip sufficiently... happy days were here again!

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This worked for me! Same screw driver size and issue. Sanded it down and it worked.


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Another way to remove a stripped screw, which happened to me is by using a microbit or small bit screw extractors like this one Nuovoware Damaged Screw Extractor Set, 22 PCS Easy Out Stripped Screw Extractor Kit, All-purpose HSS Broken Screw Remover Set with Magnetic Extension Bit Holder & Socket Adapter - - .

all but one screw on the back of the cover was stripped completely and I had to carefully remove it with this bit.

Also do not use 1. a Rubber band to the tip of your screwdriver or a super glue the PH0 to the top of the screw... found it the hard way that it doesnt work. I also started using this Tank bond before unscrewing small screws to prevent stripping

Tank Bond Liquid Grip

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