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Popular laptop sold by HP. While it comes in many configurations, all models of this laptop have the same basic form factor. The numbers after G60 indicate the factory specifications of the laptop and who sold it.

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Why does cooler sound crackling at low (17-19C) ambient temperature?

There's an HP 250 G6 laptop with ~3y of moderate and careful usage (main situation described in detail here) presenting a crackling cooler sound upon bootup at ambient temperatures below 19C. To eliminate the sound at bootup I use an infrared Phillips lamp designed for heating vivariums for reptiles and other animals. I place the lamp at 20-30 cm near the cooling vent located at the left side of the laptop and after 2-3 rounds of 5min infrared heating the sound terminates. But then while working for hours on this laptop, if I do not keep the ambient temperature at ~20C and more by means of electric heater, the crackling sound reappears.

I was curious about the logic behind such behavior of the cooler, and also would like to inquire in advance before disassembly, whether the cooler may need some oil like WD-40 or grease, or should I plan for the cooler replacement. Is it a crappy HP design, or can it be expected in other laptops like Dell or Acer?

Recently I had a brief read about someone having fixed their monitor with a hairdryer, and a comment mentioned that this person might have actuated electrolytic capacitors by heating them with a hairdryer.

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@helenkj sounds like a bearing issue. I would suggest you replace the fan. It's a hit and miss with other makes as well. It all depends on "the mileage" of the fan and your climate. The harder it has to work the sooner it will wear out.

Adding oils or even WD 40 will at best only work for a brief amount of time. If you are already there to oil it might as well go all the way and replace it. Download teh maintenance manual for your computer from here to help you with that

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Depending on the cost, I've *often* found getting them as a pair is more cost effective. Yes, it's an extra part but the shipping will often be more reasonable compared to parts cost.


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