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Repair information for the HP Pavilion gaming laptop with model number 15-cx0xxx.

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My screen recently turned dark and will not turn on anymore

as stated, my laptop screen just turned dark while i was trying to turn it on and hasn't worked since

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Does the laptop indicate that it is charging when you connect the charger without trying to turn the laptop on?

if not you may have a faulty charger or a faulty DC-In jack.

What this means is that the battery has most probably been discharged and it can't be recharged so the laptop can't start on the battery or that the laptop can work on the charger.

Couple of things to check first.


there are indicators on the PC that might tell up something.

Do any lights come on?

Does it have power and disk activity lights? Is there any activity?

Is it getting warm anywhere when you turn it on?

Does it have an HDD? If so, can you hear or feel it running when you turn it on?


@ruggb yes i can hear it when i turn it on and when i turn it off and after a few minutes it gets warm


@Stroppybike 7[EST] OK, then that is probably the HDD doing its POR - unless what you here is the fans, but they should not be running fast enough to make a sound. That would indicate that the power supply is running. If there is no activity on the disk LED then the system isn't booting up. If there is, do the flashlight test on the screen to see if it is a backlight problem.


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Well I am not an expert but one of my friend also have this same issue. So he try to update driver which help in fixing this so you can also try to update the driver automatically or manually.

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I would try that but wouldn't I need to turn it on in order to do that? and if so that is one of the problems i can't turn it on


@Stroppybike 7[EST] Well check your laptops charging port and also check your charging cable because these can also cause the issue as well my friend. So please check them


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