I replaced rear housing and now get white screen of death

I had a working iphone 3gs with a damaged rear casing so I bought a new rear housing fitted with everything aside from motherboard and screen assembly.

I took off screen and motherboard from old unit and put into new rear assembly.

On switching it on, I got white screen of death. Iphone still seems to work - can go into DFU mode and be recognised and restored by itunes.

I tried a few resets and gave up, thinking the rear housing must be faulty so I put the motherboard and screen back into original rear housing. All connectors attached properly and it now gets White screen!

Basically I have taken off screen assembly and motherboard and then put them back and it no longer works.

Any ideas - this must be something simple?

Thanks very much


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This is easy, well maybe not. You either damaged LCD Display, or Logic Board, or possibly both. Try a new LCD Display, that will answer everything. Before opening and during all repairs of iPhone 3GS make sure the iPhone is OFF or you risk damaging the iPhone.


Thanks Brad - I have ordered another lcd unit to test. I had been very careful and I had made sure that iphone was switched off. I had earthed myself too. I think maybe there was some charge in the new battery in the new housing - maybe that caused a problem.

Cheers again



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