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How do I release the turntable to adjust the speed on TEAC GF-350?

The turntable on my TEAC GF-350 is running ever so slightly too fast. I found a video on YouTube that showed how to adjust the speed directly on the motor for a different TEAC model. I just can't figure out how to release the turntable to get to the motor or belt or anything.

The service manual wasn't much help either. An exploded schematic and parts list but no instructions in how to access.

EDIT: Created a device page with a picture, user manual, and service manual.

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Hi @brazedowl ,

Is the speed too fast for both 33rpm and 45rpm records? (assuming you don't have any 78 records - or do you? ;-)

Can you access the player speed switch pcb? It is not shown in the parts diagram but it is in the wiring diagram. Presumably it is under the speed selector switch on the player.

If you can and if all speeds are affected, try adjusting VR2 up or down(not sure which way but do it slowly and gradually) on the player speed switch pcb, to get the correct speed, as it can affect all of the speeds.

If only 45 rpm, adjust VR3 and if only 78rpm adjust VR4.

Here's an image from the manual that shows the circuit how these potentiometers can affect the turntable motor speed.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

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Yes sir, that's exactly what I'm trying to gain access to. That's what someone was adjusting in the video I saw on youtube. I can see the motor if I gently lift on the turntable setup, but can't figure out how to get it to lift free. They just hit a little clip in the video, but I can't locate that.



Was this the video that you saw?

looking at it if you take the back panel off the player you can see the underside of the turntable etc.

Maybe if you try this you can see why it won't lift


Ok. By your response and the response on reddit combined, I have solved it. This video has the right layout for the nobs and showed that there were clips:

Your video showed how to get the back off, which let me get to the clips to adjust the nob on the motor. It is done and my chemistry students are listening to Frank Sinatra at this very moment.


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