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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB GDDR5 Video RAM

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CPU is throttling with new battery

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I've recently replaced the battery in my Macbook Pro and the battery itself works fine, holding a charge for about 5-6 hours, but I've noticed much slower CPU performance and used Intel power gadget to check, realising the processor was locked to 1.4GHz. I cannot check AHT Diagnostics since I've updated the Macbook to Monterey using OCLP, and my original battery is basically dead so going back to that isn't an option either, like the other thread said. Also just to add, I've checked activity monitor and I don't have a kernel task going nuts either - everything seems normal.
So does anyone know of a solution to this? Or does Apple just expect me to pay their exorbitant prices to get the battery replaced?

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Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag


@danj I've added the image to the original question. Is there any other diagnostic data I should get? Thanks for the help!


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Well, we don't have a battery issue! It looks healthy.

At this point depending on your running macOS (firmware) I would recommend running the onboard diagnostics by pressing the D key after restarting your system, but Apple broke it and given the systems age they won't fix it. Give it a try otherwise we need to try using TG Pro full version to gain the diagnostics within it and look at your systems thermal sensors.

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

The other direction is looking at your storage as a full HDD or even a SSD can force your system to slow down. A HDD gets into data fragmentation, with a SSD lack of enough free space causes wear-leveling to wok harder as it moves data blocks around to find less used block spaces.

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