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The BlackBerry Key2 (stylised as BlackBerry KEY²) is a touchscreen-based Android smartphone with a portrait-oriented, fixed (not sliding) integrated hardware keyboard. The Key2 LE is produced by TCL Corporation under the BlackBerry Mobile brand name and is available in 3 colours. Includes models BBF100-1 (EU, Africa, AU); BBF100-2 (Canada, US, LATAM); BBF100-6 (ME, APAC, India); BBF100-4 (China).

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cannot bootup my Key2 Blackberry phone

cannot bootup my Key2 Blackberry phone

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Hoi Denny,

Late response here, but when you say "cannot bootup" are you at least getting power or not?

If you are, then you might need to 'flash' the latest autoloader for the Key2, which is available at CrackBerry: KEY2 ACQ160 Autoloader (May 2020 patch), since BlackBerry no longer offers support to mobile devices anymore.

If you are not getting power, then you might either have a power issue or a faulty board.

Hopefully, this can be of assistance!

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