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KitchenAid's Artisan Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer model number KSM150PSER. All models starting with KSM150PS are the same device just different colors.

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Help with a piece that fell out of the back control area

My speed control panel needed adjusting as my stand mixer would only go high speed no matter what setting. When I opened up the back to try adjusting the screws first to fix the speed problem a little piece fell out that is a U-shaped with a rolling metal cylinder on the bottom. It just fell out and I have no idea where it goes or if it’s essential to put back in but I’m guessing so. My model number is KSM155GBSN it is a KitchenAid artisan 5 quart.

Block Image

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@jamie604 "with a rolling metal cylinder" it wont be a electronic component. It appears to be either a locking pin or to supply pressure to the springs.


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looks likes a capacitor not sure been a while but i would say it would probably mount back in there google the the electrical schematic on that model and find the location looks like you could fit it back in but im sure there is professionals here

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marcia stenson it's not a capacitor since it is "with a rolling metal cylinder"


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