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No bass from the right speaker

The stock headphones of my iPod nano (2nd generation) play no bass from the right side (and the right speaker sounds less loud). There are no broken/pulled out wires, and other headphones work fine with the iPod.

I am comfortable with splicing/soldering headphones, but I can't identify where the problem is. Is this a contact/connection problem or is the speaker (woofer) faulty?

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Have you checked you Equalizer Settings?"You can use equalizer presets to change the sound on iPod nano to suit a particular music genre or style. For example, to make rock music sound better, set the equalizer to Rock.

Choose Settings > EQ and choose an equalizer preset.

If you assigned an equalizer preset to a song in iTunes and the iPod nano equalizer is set to Off, the song plays using the iTunes setting." From the manual.....


It's definitely not an EQ/software issue.


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If other headphones function perfectly I don't see how it could be a contract problem with the jack, unless the headphones are visibly damaged or even bent at that end.

As for isolating the fault, the simplest, most certain thing to do seems to be to replace the length of the wire. I don't think iPod earphones upon and close without a lot of visible damage, so if it is something inside the speaker the even replacing it might make the repaired earphone uncomfortable in your ear.

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Ya, that's where I am stuck. Is there a way to open up the speakers and assemble them back w/o destroying them?


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