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A USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable is a common type of cable used to connect devices such as computers, smartphones, printers, cameras, and other electronics. It is designed to transfer data and power between devices, and is often used for charging devices as well.

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How can I know if I have genuine Apple Lightning cable

Hi everyone,

I had an issue with Apple USB to Lightning cable and now I am wondering how can I check if I have genuine Apple cable. I get my cable from “second hand” (it was in original packing and it’s looks genuine - compare the one from Apple Store - no different at all).

I know there are some cable testers, but the price is high - if I just want check cables. So I am curious if there is any software ? So I can connect USB to my Mac and will know if it’s genuine or not.

Thanks all for any idea :)

Regards Rob

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Do you have a Windows computer?


Well somewhere I have Core2Duo with Windows XP :D - not sure if I can call it computer, but I have access to computers with Windows 10


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First, Install 3uTools on Windows 10.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your PC via the cable you want to check.
  2. If you see a prompt on your iPhone to “trust this computer”, click “trust”
  3. Open 3uTools
  4. Click “Toolbox” at the top
  5. Click the “Genuine Accessories” tool
  6. Click “Test Data Cable”

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Thanks a lot.


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@roboscrap Interesting...

When I used a USB-C cable that I'm 99% sure was not genuine, it showed the manufacturer as Apple A2249

Block Image

But when I used a non-genuine USB-A to Lightning cable, it showed N/A in the left columns like you reported. Note that this one was bought very recently, but the date that 3uTools reports is from 2012

Block Image

I'm not sure where my genuine Apple cable(s) is (are), but if I find them, I will update this post with more information.

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@andrewsawesome thanks a lot, will try more cables later :) also will try on another pc as this is from some 10.000 years old one.


@andrewsawesome So today I tried all my USB->lightning cables, and all of them have same result as above.

1 is from iPad Pro - bought in UK

1 is from Magic Mouse 2 (space grey) black cable- bought in UK

1 is from Apple Watch stand 2m - bought in Czech Republic

1 is from Apple Magic Keyboard (space grey) black cable - bought in Czech Republic

1 is 0,5m just cable bought online (so no idea where it's came from

1 is 1m just cable same like 0,5

(I may have some more - but these are what I am using now)

for last two cable was reason to install 3U software - I was wondering if they are original or not - everyone know how good are in China with "originals".

So I am not sure if 3U software working only with USA/Canada cables ? I will have chance to check some from Austria in few weeks so will see.

EDIT: I also used newer PC with W10 and USB3.0


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Hi guys,

bit update on this - get some new Apple Lightning cables so want to try if they are genuine products, but unfortunately when I follow advice from @andrewsawesome I get no information so I tried other cables - they are 100000% genuine Apple but with same result.

EDIT: but this software is surprisingly powerful :)

Any ideas why ?

Block Image

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I haven't actually used this software yet. I'll try to download it today and see if I can replicate this.


@andrewsawesome thanks a lot :) no rush :)


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