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Guides and repair information for VTech landline phones.

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V-Tech 9111 handset problem

I have VT 9111 900 MHz cordless wall phone. When i try to use a replacement handset even with new batteries i get continuous red flashing lights. If i put the same batteries in my current handset, they are fine, so it’s not a charging issue. What do the red lights mean?

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Hi @cmickie ,

Do you mean the in use red light on the base station or the red light on the phone?

Have you initialized the replacement phone with the base station, by placing the phone in the base station cradle? The base station in use red light will flash until initialization is completed

You may have to remove the batteries from the "current" handset when you do this as it appears that the base station can only handle one phone and the "current" phone may be still communicating with the base station even though it isn't in the cradle.

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I'm not sure my last question went through. Sorry to if you are receiving this message twice! Wanted to say thank you, will try your solution, and also that it's multiple red lights in base, not just the "in use" button. Also wished to ask, if it is initialisation, how long should it go on for?



Initialization should only take a minute or so to complete.

Suggest that it it still doesn't work also remove the power from the base station as well as the original handset.

Therm connect the power to the base station and insert the replacemnt handset into the cradle and check if it initializes and also charges.


Sorry for the late reply--have been away. Will try this weekend and let you know! Again, very big thanks!


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