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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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but the red light is still flashing

I have a new DECT 1735 but the red light is still flashing. I have done what has been suggested in here and have read the handbook but still flashing. Can anyone help please

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It lasted 24 hours but flashing again


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Have you got Voicemail set up with the phone service?

If so, have you checked if there are any new messages or messages that are still there that haven't been read or cleared?

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No I don't never did on the old one enither


@jayeff it asks for a security code in setup answering setup what would that be



If you don't require Voicemail check with your service provider and ask for the feature to be disconnected from your service.

Sometimes the service providers upgrade their equipment and some features are automatically added to services connected to the upgraded equipment which weren't there before.

Not saying this happened in your case but it did in mine.

I had no Voicemail and didn't want or need it and then suddenly I had it (with the subsequent problem that you have) all because of the provider "giving" it to me by default after an upgrade of their equipment as it had become a standard feature


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