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Guides and repair information for external storage devices made by Synology.

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Need component detail and circuit diagram for missing reset button

Block Image

As per image - in a previous heavy handed RESET with an overlong paperclip, i have managed to break the reset switch from the motherboard.

I need some details of a suitable component and then the wiring / orientation for the four pins that will need soldering.

Alternatively, if someone knows how to temporarily short these four pins out then that would also be helpful, eg clockwise from top left 1 - 4, do I need to be jumping 1 to 3 or 3 to 4 or whatever.



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That did the trick; many thanks :)


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Hi @michaelfoggin ,

The yellow pins seem to be on the same Ground plane so I would try to short yellow with the pink circle, as per below.

Block Image

What device is it? Do you have the model number?

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it's a DS1817+

Thanks for speedy reply :)


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