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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Whirlpool washer fault/error code confusion

Model # WTW4816FW2 Sensor light blinking. I cleared machine then entered diagnostic phase and tried to determine fault/error. When I get to the point where the fault/error can be read, all I get is the sensor light blinking. All other lights remain off even if I go through the last 4 fault codes. Anyone know what the sensor light blinking in the fault code mode means? Thanks, in advance.

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Hi @donley,

What is the problem with the washer?

In diagnostic mode a blinking sensing light only, indicates a No fault condition See F0 E0 code in 2nd image below and description of how the lights are interpreted in the 1st image below

F0 = sensing light on (F) + no other lights (0)

E0 = sensing light off (E) + no other lights (0)

So the blink pattern for an F0 E0 code would be that only the sensing light should be on for 0.5 seconds in every 2.5 seconds or on twice in 5 seconds to make it easier to tell

Maybe check that the other lights - wash, rinse, spin and done, all work when performing the UI Test mode - see p.4 & 5 in the tech sheet, just in case one of these is faulty.

Here are some images from the tech sheet for your model, showing the error codes and how they’re interpreted.

Block Image

Block Image

(click on images to enlarge)

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Thank you immensly. I re-did the diagnostic testing based on the instructions. When I turn the dial in the diagnostic sequence so that only the DONE light is lit (to enter the fault/error procedure), then push start, I get all lights blinking followed by no lights blinking. I am assuming this is a F-12 E-0 result. If so, I can not seem to find an F-12 explanation of what is wrong. Thank you, again. My home was in the direct line of fire of the tornado a few weeks ago. Tons of repair and I am just not getting to the washer.



All lights blinking = F15 i.e. sensing = F then wash = 8 + rinse = 4 + spin = 2+ done =1. As all are on it adds up to 15.

Then no lights = E0

There is also no F15 E0 code so I'm wondering if it is the control board.

if it failed because of the tornado and the washer was plugged in even if it was not operating at the time then if there were power outages, the control board may have been damaged.

It certainly seems like the software has been corrupted as it is giving non existent error codes or is not starting.

Try and see if you can reset it.

Also try the Main Control Troubleshooting test on p.12 of the tech sheet.


I have error codes for Sensor and Wash (not flashing) and Done flashing.

What does it mean please or the codes that I need to find the product I need to fix it.


@Julia Cummins

What is the model number of the washer?


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