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A portable e-book reader developed by Amazon. Repair is straightforward and requires only prying tools and screwdrivers.

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Where to get affordable screens in the UK

I recently cracked the screen on my kindle paperwhite and I can’t find a new screen anywhere for less than £50 which is more than the thing is worth. I was thinking about £20.

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Hi @jezzdabezz,

What is the model number of the tablet (usually found on the back of the tablet)?


Kindle Paperwhite EY21


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Hi @jezzdabezz ,

The best that I could find is ~36 GBP from China.

As you said, there are no screens below 50 GBP in the UK even used tablets on Ebay want about this much or more and there usually is some problem with the screen, either a scratch or even not working. Was thinking maybe of a cheap used one as a donor parts tablet

Have found with Kindles that it is important to know the model number as they can use different screen connections even if the model name is the same but it is a subsequent “generation”. Not always but it pays to play it safe ;-)

If you do manage to find one here’s the ifixit Kindle Paperwhite 1st Generation Screen Replacement guide that may help.

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