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All-in-one Sony desktop with model numbers SVT212A11L and SVT21215CXB. One color option available (black trim screen with aluminum rear).

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Your repair shows the unit already open. How do you get to that stage

I dont see any screws to take out. Are they hidden, or is there a pry step required?

Picture set included:

Just for reference, the link "Sony Vail Tap 21 Repair leads, on my machine, to 1-LinkResults.jpg.  I can see the picture of the whole back of your unit, but I can't zoom in on the places in the middle of each side where it looks like your screws are.

The back of my unit looks like 2-WholeBack.jpg.

There are close ups of each of the four quadrants of the back in pictures 3 to 6.

I also took pictures of the indent showing the port attachments in pictures 7 and 8.

Pictures 9 and 10 show the identification of the unit with the Sony part numbers, and product numbers.

There is a cover over the level arm but there are no screws for releasing the back under there.

Am I still missing the screws?  I'd rather not stick a pry bar in between the display and back if it isn't necessary.

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I got some help from a techie friend. The air grill that goes across the top of the back has two places where you can't see into the motherboard. There are grill-like plugs there that can be pried out revealing screws . Once you take the screws out, begin prying the screen away from the back across the top, then down the sides, and the unit pops open, revealing the views seen in the rest of this original post.


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Look again. This shows the screws:

Sony Vaio Tap 21 Repair

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My unit is silver on the back, not black. If there is a place to post pictures, I have a set that I tried to reply to the notification email with - but would send them to anyone who can help me.



Hi Dave

Go to "Adding images to an existing question"

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The actual model number would also help.


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