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A wireless speaker released in 2012

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Bowers Wilkins A7 connection issue

I have a Bowers Wilkins A7 wireless speaker.

It can’t be connected successfully now either with WIFI, wire, USB or AUX. The red light just keep flashing indicating the connection issue.

Resetting the device didn’t work either.

It is an old device with little information on how to fix this.

Is there any way to check the root cause of the issue?

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Have you tried resetting the device, you didn't say?


Yes, tried that.

After resetting, the red light just flashed.


Seems can't do the firmware update.

Connected with USB not work.


@Shawn Chen

Did you try using the Control app?



Yes, tried to but can't connect either.

The device can't connect in any way.

I have tried to reset and connect several times with no success.


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@Shawn Chen

The only thing I suggest now is to open the speaker and check for any obvious problems on the systemboard.

Here's a link that may be of some help. There is also a wiring diagram in the answer as well. ;-)

Bowers and Wilkins A7 How to disassembly the unit

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Thanks a lot @jayeff .

Will follow this and check accordingly.


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