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3.28 Megapixel camcorder released in March of 2014. Identified by part number 9176b001.

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Canon Vixia HF R500 is recording footage with a purple tint

I’m not entirely sure what to at this point, or what troubleshooting steps need to be taken past what I have done so far. Despite everything I’ve tested, my device has been recording in purple, and I cannot figure out why.

I’ve tried factory resetting the device, changing SD cards, swapping the battery, and even plugging my camera into an external monitor to ensure that this wasn’t an issue with the built in display itself. So far I cannot come up with an answer for why this device has decided to record in purple.

Any theroy’s or answers would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Update (12/07/2021)

I forgot to add I did search Google to see if anyone else had this issue with this specific product. While I have not found anything involving this product specifically, I did see that other cameras have had this issue when their night vision mode is on, although I don't believe that this camera has any such mode that would be on even after a factory reset.

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@jmehnert sounds like either a bad CMOS Image Sensor or a failed UV filter. Have you checked those parts yet at all?


@oldturkey03 I cannot say that I have, but it seems that I'm about to. I'll post what I find.


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Seems that I have found the answer to my issue, and have concluded that the issue is with the CMOS Image Sensor. @oldturkey03 was very helpful with helping me find my answer, so any credit goes to him.

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@jmehnert awesome! A new sensor should keep your camera going for another couple of years. It’s all about the mission of being good shepherds of our resources. No credit necessary.


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