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Fully portable sequencer and synthesizer from Teenage Engineering, which can also produce live visuals and control DMX equipment.

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Where do I get replacement encoder dials?

Encoder dials don’t seem to be available and I’m missing two thanks to lending it out, please help

Update (09/12/2022)

3D file for replacement encoders with space for a 6mm DIAMETRIC magnet

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Hey dude, did you ever figure this out? I have the same issue and can't find out where to get a replacement. I've even tried buying a broken one on ebay to replace with but other people keep on out bidding me


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I did, but there is a catch.. I ended up buying a 3d printer, modeling the encoder myself, printing it, figuring out that I needed a diametric magnet, and going through some troubleshooting.

So now i have 2 blue dials, but they work perfectly.

I'd be happy to make some more.

atom8oh insta

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Could I get the Stl. file?

I have the same problem.


Appreciate the file, what magnet dimensions did you use exactly? I'd guess by the file that it's 6mm x 1.5 mm but that does not appear to be a common find...


Would I be able to purchase some screen printed knobs off of one of you kind fellows?


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I 3D printed a replacement but the magnet I used sends the encoder crazy so i cant use it. I might need to hget a bidirectional magnet :(

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You for sure need the right type of magnet. diametric magnets are what you need


I have the same issue, lost all 4 knobs in a car accident. Would I be able to buy some of the screen printed ones off of you please??????


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